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About Us

“Got Nutrients?” was developed to provide basic "no nonsense" nutrition and health information to the older crowd. The website focuses on quick and to-the-point daily messages about nutrition and health topics. Readers who want more than the main point will find links to further reading and scientific support for each of the messages.

The name for the “Got Nutrients?” website was inspired by the basic concept that good health stems from meeting all essential nutrient needs. Despite declining calorie needs as people age, their need for protein, vitamins and minerals stays about the same as when they were younger. The need for some nutrients can even increase. Consequently, meeting essential nutrient needs becomes both more important and more difficult to accomplish as a person ages.

The idea for this website was generated by the Honolulu Subarea Health Planning Council.

University of Hawaii faculty and Honolulu Star-Advertiser health columnists, Joannie Dobbs and Alan Titchenal, oversee the site and generate much of its content.

Joannie Dobbs, PhD, CNS is a faculty member of the Human Nutrition, Food and Animal Sciences Department at U.H. Manoa and the clinical nutritionist at the University Health Services medical clinic. Dr. Dobbs obtained her nutrition doctoral degree from the University of California at Davis. Her academic work included an emphasis in dietetics, physiological chemistry, wildlife nutrition, and animal behavior.

C. Alan Titchenal, PhD CNS also is a faculty member of the Human Nutrition, Food and Animal Sciences Department at U.H. Manoa. Dr. Titchenal also obtained a nutrition doctoral degree from the University of California at Davis. His academic focus was related to amino acid nutrition, exercise physiology, and physiological chemistry. 

John Barrett is the webmaster for this site. John is currently in the process of earning a degree in new Media Arts at the University of Hawaii.

Honolulu Subarea Health Planning Council (2008/2009) Membership

Mr. William “Speedy” Bailey is the Hawaii General Manager at American Medical Response and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Psychology from Occidental College. He is a very active volunteer and serves on various organizations relating to his professional and community interests. He was a member of the Statewide Health Coordinating Council for eight years.

Ms. Jennifer Diesman is the Director of Government Relations for HMSA. She has a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and also attended Oxford University. Prior to joining HMSA, she was the communications director with Rosehill and Associates, a senior program manager with Hawaii’s Alternative Fuels Task Force, and served in the Executive Office of the State of Wisconsin. She serves on the Board of Directors for Helping Hands Hawaii, Hawaii Bicycling League, and the Hawaii Association of Health Plans. She is currently a Co-Chair of the Honolulu Subarea Health Planning Council.

Ms. Mary Dixon is a retired social worker from the Executive Office on Aging, Department of Health. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Social Work. Mary has spent a significant portion of her professional career working with older adults and actively participates in various community and professional organizations.

Dr. Joannie Dobbs is an Assistant Specialist at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She is a nutritionist, researcher, and educator who specializes in food composition and health education. She has held numerous health-related positions, extensively publishes and co-authors a health options column in the Star-Bulletin. She is currently a Co-Chair of the Honolulu Subarea Health Planning Council.

Ms. Karen Ho is the staffer who works with HONSAC. She is a Comprehensive Health Planning Coordinator with the Hawaii State Health Planning & Development Agency.

Mr. Keith Alan Lee is the Vice President of Legal Services/Regional Counsel for Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. He was the Corporate Secretary and General Counsel for The Queen Emma Foundation. Mr. Lee received a Bachelor of Arts degree, Magna Cum Laude, in Political Science and American Studies from the University of Michigan. He also received Juris Doctor and Master of Business Administration degrees from the University of Chicago. Mr. Lee currently serves on the Statewide Health Coordinating Council. He also serves on the Board of the Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation.

Mr. Jonagustine Lim is a Senior Information Technology (IT) Consultant for the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, China. He is also CEO and President of LimPacific, Inc., Honolulu, Hawaii. He has over seven years of IT consulting and project management experience for government, tourism, and non-profit industries. He also volunteers in several community-related activities such as Alliance for Drama Education, Ohia Productions, Pacific & Asian Affairs Council, and the Filipino Chamber of Commerce in Hawaii.

Mr. Lloyd Lim is the Health Branch Administrator for the Hawaii Insurance Division, Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. He supervises health insurance regulation, including rate regulation, financial surveillance, complaints, investigations, licensing, legislative matters, and external reviews of health plan coverage denials. He implements the loss mitigation grant program. He also has experience in loss and debt financing.

Ms. Sarah Nordwall was the District Coordinator and is now working part time as a Fashion Consultant for Carlisle Designer Clothes in Hawaii. Ms. Nordwall began Sarah of Hawaii and was a buyer for Liberty House Department Stores. Her community activities include serving as a Board Member for Achievement Rewards for College Scientist, the Rotary Club of Honolulu, Hawaii Theatre, and Central Union Church.

Mr. Emmet White is President and Chief Executive Officer for Arcadia Retirement Residence. Licensed as a Nursing Home Administrator, he is also a qualified Assisted Living Administrator. In 1968 he received a B.A. from Lafayette College and in 1971 graduated from the College of William and Mary with a J.D. He is an active member in the community serving on committees and boards involved with senior living and long-term care programs. A retired Army Reserve colonel, he serves as an Ombudsman for the National Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve.

Ke Ola Pono No Na Kupuna
The Elderly Services Program at ALU LIKE, Inc. provides congregate and home delivered meals, supportive services and activities, including information/referral, education, recreation, health promotion, caregiver support, limited transportation, recreation, cultural information, and intergenerational activities for independent Native Hawaiians 60 years of age or older on the islands of Hawaii, Kauai, Maui, Molokai and Oahu.

Lanakila Meals on Wheels and more!
A program of Lanakila Pacific, Lanakila Meals on Wheels and more! is
Hawaii's largest and only island-wide meal provider for seniors, serving
over 1,700 nutritionally balanced meals - and more - a day. In addition
to delivering meals, Lanakila Meals on Wheels monitors' health and
welfare, provides counseling and education, and access to support
services through a network of 99 delivery routes, 19 group dining sites,
and more than 200 volunteers.